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FarmFresh FoodPrints logo: sketch drawings on a square grid of a beet, a wooden spoon, a carrot on a fork, and a magnifying glass looking at a leaf with text "grow" "Cook" "eat" and "learn."

The FoodPrints curriculum is an interdisciplinary, standards-based, elementary food and garden education curriculum. In total, 63 lessons for PreK through 5th grade students are sequenced by food education themes and seasonal topics. All lessons integrate core academic areas (science, language arts, math, social studies) and are aligned with national science, ELA, and math standards as well as local DC Units of Study.

Lessons are adaptable for a range of uses, including

  • Programming embedded in schools provided throughout the school year
  • Supplements to classroom instruction
  • Out of School Time enrichment programming
  • Virtual/hybrid learning

The FRESHFARM FoodPrints curriculum was written by a team of teachers over 10 years and tested with thousands of DC Public Schools (DCPS) elementary students. Jenn Mampara, Jennifer Ramsey, and Susan Bandler are the primary authors of the curriculum, which evolved out of the unique “Grow Cook Eat Learn” FoodPrints model first developed at Watkins Elementary School in DC in 2009 by Jenn Mampara and Barbara Percival.

Funding Source
USDA’s Farm to School program, DC Public Schools, Parent Teacher Associations at many FoodPrints partner schools, and private donors.
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  • Pilot Tested
Evaluation Information

FRESHFARM FoodPrints’ comprehensive food education model provides a significant return on investment (ROI) in the areas of health, academic achievement, whole-child education, and environmental responsibility. Through focus groups with program alumni, researchers also found that participation over time in classes that use the FoodPrints curriculum have lasting effects on students’ awareness of and connection to nutritious food; development of cooking skills; openness to new foods, and connections to school.

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

All FoodPrints lessons are available free but registration is required.

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