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¡Es Facil! Libro de Recetas

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Department of Health Services, Public Health Programs and Services.

This cookbook is a collection of primarily Latino recipes from lower income community members of Highland Park, CA. The recipe book includes information about cooking with herbs, food safety, how to involve children in preparing meals, common measurement conversions, common cooking substitutions and tips for stretching food dollars. Recipes are grouped according to categories: Appetizers & Beverages; Soups, Salads & Side Dishes; Main Dishes; Dessert & Pastries.

Historical Document
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USDA, Food Stamp Program.
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  • Pilot Tested
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Per Author/Unpublished: This second edition cookbook is based on the results of a pilot test with class participants from the Hathaway Family Resource Center in Highland Park, CA and other members of the Highland Park community through a social marketing campaign aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption at the family meal.

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

¡Es Facil! promotes fruit and vegetable consumption through the use of easy to prepare, healthy recipes. Facing pages are set up so that one is English and the other is Spanish. With the exception of one recipe (Vegetable & Fish Soup, with 16 ingredients) all recipes contain less than 15 ingredients. “Quick Tips” and “Time Savers” are substitutions that are intended to decrease preparation time.
The cookbook also contains a section of “Helpful Hints” and a “Resources section.” The “Helpful Hints” section provides information on how to buy, store, and prepare a variety of fruits and vegetables, a chart showing when fruits and vegetables are in season (region is not specified) as well as those readily available throughout the year, measurement equivalents, cooking substitutions, food safety information, a guide for using and storing herbs and spices, and tips for stretching the food dollar. The “Resources” section is specific to the Los Angeles, CA area.

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