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Using research-based information, "Eating from the Garden" is intended to teach children how to improve their eating habits. The curriculum encourages children to make healthier food choices and be physically active while promoting gardening knowledge and skills in participants.

University of Missouri Extension.
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Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City.
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The goal of the program is to help children increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables and to promote healthier food choices. Participants learn about gardening and engage in physical activity.
The program includes thirteen lessons with additional activities for longer classes. Each lesson includes knowledge and behavioral objectives, a nutrition activity, a gardening activity, additional optional activities, handouts, and a take-home newsletter. A suggested timetable is included with the program, which requires about a four month growing period in the fall and about a two-month period in the spring. Additional recipes which incorporate fresh fruits or vegetables are included with the program as well.
A Pre and Post-Gardening Student Survey are included to measure knowledge and behavioral changes.

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