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EatFit is a goal oriented intervention designed to challenge middle school students to improve their fitness and eating choices. This program uses interactive computer technology to assist teens with diet assessment and “guided” goal setting for making healthy lifestyle choices. The program provides skill building experiences and social support to promote dietary self-efficacy and goal attainment.

University of California, Davis.
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Funding Source
Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. USDA Food Stamp Program. UC ANR-Cooperative Extension.
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Evaluation Information

This education intervention was pilot tested with 34 middle school students who were Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) participants. Data from the self reported recall instruments indicated that students made positive changes in dietary behaviors (41%), dietary self efficacy (29%), physical activity behaviors (56%), and physical activity self efficacy (26%). 74% and 79% of the students rated themselves as making one lasting improvement in their dietary and physical activity behaviors, respectively.

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

EatFit Teachers curriculum is a series of lesson plans designed to improve the eating and fitness choices of middle school adolescents. Each lesson has a clearly stated overview, time line, objective and preparation needed. This curriculum assists educators in incorporating nutrition into other classroom subjects such as English, Math, Science, Health and Physical Education. The action oriented materials are designed to encourage goal setting and achievement. All games, supplemental materials and recipes are well integrated throughout the curriculum. Although the nutrition education messages are based on a previous version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, key nutrition education themes remain relevant. Each lesson in the teacher’s curriculum refers to specific pages and activities in the student handbook.

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