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Eat Well For Less is a series of self-paced, web-based learning modules offering ideas about how to meet some of the challenges of running a household. The goal is to share information about how to plan healthful meals, prepare tasty, low-cost foods that are quick and easy, and make food dollars last through the month.
The three modules are:

  • "Pyramid Power" covers the basics of MyPyramid
  • "We Wish You Well" focuses on food safety
  • "Stretching Your Food Dollars" covers food resource management
Oregon State University Extension Service.
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Funding Source
USDA Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program.
Free Material
  • Pilot Tested
Evaluation Information

First Edition: Pilot testing was performed in 10 other states; feedback was used to make minor changes. The product was also tested with high school students. A short "test your knowledge" quiz resulted in a 90% average for students completing the module. (per author)
Current (revised) Edition: Modules have been used extensively with food stamp eligible audiences (youth and adults) as well as paraprofessionals throughout the U.S. Knowledge change was notable, and intention to change behaviors was documented as well. (per author)

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