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Creates Curriculum- Essentials in Creating Family Meals

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cover of CREATES curriculum
Utah Food $ense.

A curriculum that discusses principles pertaining to SNAP-Ed, USDA, and MyPlate. Complete with lessons on meal preparation, food safety, shopping with a list, family mealtime, having a well-stocked pantry, being more physically active, and more.

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SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

All lessons are relatively similar, in terms of goals, lesson objectives, introductions, and the various steps included in the lesson. However, there is additional information that deals with the specific dish for that lesson, such as casseroles, soups, stir fry, etc. Alternative cooking methods are provided to help make meals healthier, with fewer calories, and added fat. Each lesson is followed by “CREATE” recipes for that specific dish. At the end of the manual, there are additional lesson resources for educators that go over various topics related to the lessons, from meal planning to reading a nutrition label and whole plant food eating.