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Chef Charles Club

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Iowa Nutrition Network. Iowa Department of Public Health.

This resource includes a monthly newsletter, a bingo game, and an instructor’s guide for demonstration and background information. The materials focus on fruit and vegetable intake, physical activity, food safety, food security and resource management. The newsletter includes a variety of information on the focus areas, two recipes, an “in the news” feature, and tips for goal setting. Also available is the document “Strength Training for Older Adults” an exercise (using stretch bands) demonstration guide.

Historical Document
Funding Source
USDA. SNAP-Ed. Iowa Nutrition Network.
Free Material
Evaluation Information

Iowa program personnel note that it has been used for 2 years with positive feedback from leaders and participants, with significant behavior changes noted in 2004 related to thermometer use to test meat doneness.

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

The Chef Charles Club is a nutrition education program that aims to help seniors change behaviors related nutrition and physical activity. The monthly newsletters can be found on the web site in PDF format. Newsletter content includes information on fruits and vegetables, and physical activities, information or resources to contact to maximize financial resources, food safety reminders, a word find and a cross word puzzle, recipes, and advice for setting goals. Starting in May 2005, issues incorporate MyPyramid information.
The monthly bingo activity has squares related to “picking a better snack” and “acting” in terms of physical activities. The front bingo page includes a registration spot, a “coming next month” feature, and the back side has information on four fruits and vegetables, including buying and storing tips and serving suggestions.
The instructor’s guide provides information on how to plan the lessons based on the monthly newsletter the content and theme. The Iowa program provides a Chef Charles apron and hat for the facilitator and monthly incentives that Iowa Program leaders can obtain for their participants, such as thermometers. These incentives correlate with the monthly topics and are noted in the instructor’s guide.