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Eat three vegetables + two fruits Every Day! Be a Healthy HERO with an image of a woman wearing a cape and holding a bag of fruits and vegetables

The Be a Health Hero – Eat, Drink, Move multi-channel social marketing campaign uses clear and consistent messaging targeting healthy nutrition and physical activity behavior change through text messages, school and community posters and banners, educational reinforcements, healthy messaging boards, billboards, and other signage. The Be a Health Hero social marketing campaign was designed with strong community feedback for youth and their families to receive consistent health messaging where they live, learn, shop, and play within their community. The focus areas for this social marketing campaign are healthy eating, water consumption and physical activity. This campaign supports promotion, Policy, System, Environmental changes (PSE’s) through a variety of mechanisms including food nutrition, food retail, farmers markets, and community billboards.

Focus groups with SNAP-Ed eligible populations in Georgia, adult and youth, were held to get feedback on both messaging and images that resonate best with community audience. Simple, short, relatable images with vibrant colors that convey movement, activity, and clear healthy behavior practice were desired from respondents.  Additional red flag testing sessions were conducted to close the feedback loop with the community and finalize the selection of the social marketing messages and images.

Read about this social marketing campaign in action!

Evaluation Information

Unaided recall of HealthMPowers social marketing images, in FY2019, was measured by asking survey respondents (n=515) if they remembered seeing ads in the retail stores or in the community recommending that people eat fruits and vegetables or drink more water for better health (without the aid of images/prompts). Respondents who indicated recall were then asked where they had remembered seeing ads and were shown images of the HealthMPowers social marketing ads to determine actual recall.

Among all survey respondents:

  • 62.5%recalled at least 1 true ad location and at least 1 social marketing image
  • 6.8% initially indicated recall but did not recall any true ad locations and/or social marketing images.
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