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Around the Table is a direct education intervention for youth that upholds principles of trauma-informed engagement and nourishment. It is designed to improve cooking skills, food safety, food resource management, and healthy eating, as well as increase awareness surrounding stress, emotional eating, health values, and feeding children. Participants enjoy hands-on cooking, facilitated conversations, and interactive activities that build healthy connections to food, self, and community.  

Additionally, Around the Table: Nourishing Families is for young adults and parents. It is a curriculum that upholds principles of trauma-informed engagement and nourishment where participants enjoy conversation, reflection, cooking, sharing a meal together, and learning holistic skills to care for their families’ nutritional well-being. 

Leah's Pantry.
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Leah's Pantry.
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The intervention components, which cannot be modified or omitted, provide lesson plans, activities, participant materials, and outcome evaluations. Trauma-informed practices are embedded in the lesson plans, and the curriculum teaches skills that de-escalate stress and promote resilience around food by developing participant self-efficacy and confidence in cooking, nutrition knowledge, and food resource management. Partners must be trained by the Around the Table Training Program to implement the series. Following this, they can implement on their own time, and Leah’s Pantry will offer technical assistance to support implementation. Partners will be expected to sign a Partner Agreement and share any evaluation data collected. 

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Pricing varies. Contact Leah's Pantry for pricing information.

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