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Greene, M.; Holston, D.; Freightman, J.; Briley, C.

Objective: To assess African Americans’ satisfaction with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) in Louisiana. Methods: African American facilitators conducted 5 focus group discussions with 25 African American SNAP-Ed participants according to issues identified by African American SNAP-Ed implementers in Louisiana. Focus group discussion transcripts were coded independently using inductive and in vivo coding by 2 members of the research team. Results: Participants viewed lessons as race-neutral and thought they should include more information about African American history and culture. Participants also noted a lack of engagement with the African American community and stressed the need for the program to employ African American staff. However, participants thought the information was important for African Americans in the context of medical issues faced by their community. Conclusions and Implications: Findings indicate that SNAP-Ed in Louisiana be modified to address African American food history and culture, additional African American staff and better engagement with the African American community. © 2022 The Authors