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I am Moving, I am Learning (IMIL) is a direct education and PSE Change intervention designed to increase daily moderate-to vigorous physical activity, improve the quality of movement activities, and promote healthy food choices among preschool children. As an "active learning" curriculum enhancement, IMIL augments what early learning settings already do to promote physical activity and healthier nutrition. 

Intervention Target Behavior: Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Reducing Screen Time 

SNAP-Ed Strategies: Direct Education, PSE Change

Intervention Reach and Adoption

IMIL targets pre-school aged children at child care settings. It was developed for and pilot tested in Head Start centers. Programs are able to decide whom they would like to involve in the intervention activities - children, parents, staff, and/or the broader community.

Settings: Pre-K & Childcare

Age/Population Group: Preschool

Race: All

Ethnicity: All

Intervention Components

IMIL is not a prescriptive program, but instead provides a flexible framework of strategies and resources that programs can use to develop a customized program to meet their needs. IMIL uses a "training of trainers" approach, where key staff members are trained and then return to their individual Head Start programs to train other staff. Components that individual programs may choose to include for the different target audiences include:


  • Activities to increase moderate-to-vigorous physical activity/reduce sedentary time
  • Activities to develop movement skills/coordination
  • Activities to promote healthy eating
  • Tracking height and weight

Parents and Families

  • Involving parents in efforts to promote moderate-to-vigorous physical activity/healthy eating
  • Sponsoring workshops or events
  • Helping parents monitor their own health


  • Promoting workplace physical activity
  • Promoting healthy eating in the workplace
  • Helping staff monitor their own health


  • Sponsoring workshops or events to promote IM/IL
  • Promoting increased access to healthy foods
  • Working to create community playground/recreation space
Intervention Materials

A variety of resources in both print and digital formats to help implement IMIL are available from Choosy Kids including:

  • Music CDs with nutrition and physical activity themes 
  • Comprehensive instructional system including music, lyrics for facilitating conversations, classroom activities, music videos, adventure stories, family engagement activities, staff wellness activities, and more. 
  • Wide variety of free downloadable resources in English and Spanish 
  • Virtual and in-person training 


Evidence Summary

A survey sent to Head Start programs participating in the "training of trainers" event in the Spring of 2006 found that:

  • 96% of programs reported implementing IM/IL during the following program year
  • 94% of programs reported implementing one or more program enhancement activities focusing on physical activity
  • 67% of programs reported implementing one or more program enhancement activities focused on nutrition
  • 85% of programs reported reaching parents through distributing written materials such as flyers, pamphlets or newsletters; 71% held parent workshops or events; and 63% discussed nutrition and/or physical activity at a parent-teacher conference
  • 52% reported offering activities focusing on improved eating and physical activity behaviors for staff
  • 52% reported identifying a community organization as a partner in implementing IM/IL

Additional evaluation summaries are below:

Evidence Base: Research-tested

Evaluation Indicators

Based on the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework, the following outcome indicators can be used to evaluate intervention progress and success.

 Readiness and Capacity - Short Term (ST)Changes - Medium Term (MT)Effectiveness and Maintenance - Long Term (LT)Population Results (R)
IndividualST1, ST3MT1, MT3LT1, LT3 
Environmental SettingsST5, ST6, ST7MT5, MT6LT5, LT6, LT7, LT8, LT9, LT10, LT11
Sectors of Influence   
Evaluation Materials

A variety of evaluation tools are available in the appendices of the Implementation Evaluation Report, including:

  • Questionnaire for staff leading IM/IL
  • Telephone Interview Guide for Program Managers
  • Telephone Interview Guide for Classroom Teachers/Home Visitors
  • Director/Program Manager Interview Guide
  • Teacher Focus Group Interview Guide
  • Parent Focus Group Interview Guide
  • Observation Form and Coding Specification Manual
  • Implementation Assessment Rubric

Additional Information


Choosy Kids IMIL Resources and Training: 

Head Start: The I am Moving, I am Learning website ( includes a summary report of the first two years, testimonials, and a timeline of the programs history.

Contact Person(s):

Choosy Kids

Phone: (304) 777-4541



*Updated as of August 8, 2023