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SNAP-Ed Library Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the SNAP-Ed Library?

The SNAP-Ed Library is the place for locating SNAP-Ed tools and resources. The interface is built for easy, hassle-free searching. In addition to key word searching, you can sort resources by subject areas such as format, target audience, state, SNAP-Ed intervention channels, evidence base and evaluation, and more.

What is the difference between the SNAP-Ed Library and the "SNAP-Ed Toolkit"?

The SNAP-Ed Library and the "SNAP-Ed Toolkit" are not the same.

The SNAP-Ed Library contains materials useful to every aspect of a SNAP-Ed program. It is a comprehensive tool that provides information about SNAP-Ed Toolkit intervention, educational materials, SNAP-Ed programs, and much more. All SNAP-Ed Library entries meet inclusion criteria.

The SNAP-Ed Toolkit identifies strategies, especially Policy, Systems, and Environmental change (PSE) interventions, that State Agencies may want to use in their SNAP-Ed Plans. Each intervention in the Toolkit has been thoroughly reviewed and graded by a panel of experts. The evidence-base of all interventions is given a designation of research-tested, practice-tested, or emerging.

Is the SNAP-Ed Library replacing the Resource Finder Database?

The SNAP-Ed Library is a curated collection of tools and resources. What was once the Resource Finder Database has been redesigned, enhanced, and expanded into a tool that will deliver to you the results that you need. You'll still find nutrition education tools and resources at the click of a button, and now you'll also have quick access to an expanded collection of SNAP-Ed programming materials.

Can I submit my materials to the SNAP-Ed Library?

Please review the inclusion criteria for the SNAP-Ed Library. If it's SNAP-Ed-related, it belongs in the Library.

What types of materials are in the SNAP-Ed Library?

The SNAP-Ed Library contains SNAP-Ed-related materials. You will find educational materials, SNAP-Ed Toolkit interventions, social marketing campaigns, SNAP-Ed Plan Guidance, Policy, Systems, and Environmental change (PSE) interventions, and more. If it's a SNAP-Ed resource, it belongs in the Library.

How do I submit SNAP-Ed-related materials to the Library?

If you have SNAP-Ed materials that meet the inclusion criteria and are not currently in the Library, please submit them to us directly at

Who uses the SNAP-Ed Library?

The SNAP-Ed Library contains tools and resources for SNAP-Ed providers, administrators, researchers, policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders.

Why use the SNAP-Ed Library?

The SNAP-Ed Library can help improve SNAP-Ed programs, can increase collaboration between states, and is a place to learn about different aspects of the SNAP-Ed program.

Is The SNAP-Ed Strategies & Interventions: An Obesity Prevention Toolkit for States the same things as the "SNAP-Ed Toolkit," the "Toolkit," or the "SNAP-Ed Interventions Toolkit"?


Does using materials found in the Library mean that my nutrition education program will receive SNAP-Ed funding or approval from the USDA?

SNAP-Ed Library materials are provided as a reference for SNAP-Ed personnel. These resources are best used as part of a well-designed, evaluated program based on behavior change theory. Using these materials does not mean that you will receive SNAP-Ed funding for your program. State SNAP-Ed Programs should refer to the State Plan Guidance for allowable activities. Inclusion in the Library does not imply endorsement by the Federal government.

Are materials in the SNAP-Ed Library free to use/considered public domain/royalty-free?

Not necessarily.

Many of the materials in the Library are available for free or are considered to be in the public domain, but not all of them. Please consult with the resource's author or distributor before adapting, modifying, or distributing resources found in the SNAP-Ed Library. The materials in the Library often indicate if the resource is free or if it has a cost associated with it. Prices were accurate at the time of listing, but may change over time. Please verify the actual cost with the publisher or distributor.