SNAP-Ed Plan Guidance and Templates

SNAP-Ed Plan Guidance and Templates


screen shot of FY18 SNAP-Ed Plan Guidance document cover The Guidance document provides policy guidance for States regarding the operation of the SNAP Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Grant Program, referred to as SNAP-Ed. Read the Cover Letter to the States, released April 4, 2017.

Note: This Guidance supersedes all previous Guidance.

Funding Allocations

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Download the Guidance

Complete SNAP-Ed Plan Guidance (PDF | 2.0 MB)
Introduction (PDF | 74 KB)

Section 1: Overview (PDF | 630 KB)
Section 2: SNAP-Ed Plan Process (PDF | 286 KB)
Section 3: Financial and Cost Policy (PDF | 194 KB)
Section 4: Appendices (PDF | 860 KB)

Appendix A Templates

Template 1, Identifying and Understanding the SNAP-Ed Target Audience (DOCX | 21 KB)
Template 2, SNAP-Ed Goals, Objectives, Projects, Campaigns, Evaluation and Collaboration (DOCX | 22 KB)
Template 3, SNAP-Ed Staffing Plan (DOCX | 20 KB)

Template 4, Section A: SNAP-Ed Plan Budget Information By Project (for Sub-Grantees) (DOCX | 19 KB)
Template 4, Section B: SNAP-Ed Plan Budget Information By Project (DOCX | 32 KB)
Template 4, Section B: SNAP-Ed Plan Budget Information By Project (Excel Spreadsheet) (XLSX | 46 KB)
Template 4, Section C: SNAP-Ed Budget Information By Project (Travel) (DOCX | 20 KB)

Template 5, SNAP-Ed Plan Assurances (DOCX | 20 KB)
Template 6, SNAP-Ed Plan Signatures (DOCX | 22 KB)
Template 7, Section A: SNAP-Ed Narrative Annual Report (DOCX | 24 KB)
Template 7, Section B: SNAP-Ed Summary for Impact Evaluations (DOCX | 24 KB)

Appendix B Templates

Project/Intervention Summary Sheet (DOCX | 15 KB)
Reviewing State SNAP-Ed Plans Checklist (DOCX | 14 KB)
Reporting SNAP-Ed Priority Outcome Indicators - FNS's SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework (DOCX | 28 KB)

Checklist for Evidence-Based Approaches (DOCX | 69 KB)
Checklist for Public Health Approaches (DOCX | 69 KB)
Budget Detail Template (XLSX | 37 KB)


Funding/Credit Statement (TXT | 1 KB) All materials must provide credit to SNAP as a funding source using this example.

Nondiscrimination Statement Materials developed with SNAP funds must include the nondiscrimination statement that is specific to SNAP (see page 1 when you access the attachment at the provided link). If the material is too small for the full statement to be included, the material must at a minimum include the statement:

[ENGLISH] “This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”
[SPANISH] “Esta institución es un proveedor que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades.”