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National Program Evaluation and Reporting System (N-PEARS)

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The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) launched the National Program Evaluation and Reporting System (N-PEARS) on May 22, 2023 for FY 2024 State plans and will launch the annual report portion of the system on November 27, 2023. N-PEARS is a result of a broad strategic initiative to improve SNAP-Ed data collection and reporting. N-PEARS represents updates to SNAP-Ed State plan and data collection requirements that support FNS’s vision of high-quality, accessible national program data and allows for an improved understanding of program effectiveness and accountability. 

N-PEARS provides all State and implementing agencies with a single, streamlined, web-based tool for submitting annual SNAP-Ed State plans and consolidated annual reports. N-PEARS replaces all current SNAP-Ed planning and annual reporting processes beginning with FY 2024 State plans and FY 2023 annual reports.

FNS announces several N-PEARS updates 

FY 2024 State Plan Amendments 

States may submit amendments to their FY 2024 Plans in N-PEARS. State agencies may start an amendment on the N-PEARS landing page. Documentation and recorded trainings about the amendment feature are available on the N-PEARS support page: Amendments – National PEARS Support Documentation. Amendments are due to FNS by May 1, 2024. 

FY 2025 State Plans

State plan modules opened on May 1, 2024. State agencies are required to complete several setup pages before Implementing Agencies can enter their plans. The FY 2025 State plans are due in N-PEARS by August 15, 2024. 

State Plan Trainings

FNS will offer a series of live trainings on the State plan modules. Please register for each training you plan to join. You have the option to submit questions for each training when you register.    


Previously recorded trainings for the plan modules are available below.