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National Program Evaluation and Reporting System (N-PEARS)

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National Program Evaluation and Reporting System


States will submit SNAP-Ed FY 2024 State plans and FY 2023 annual reports in N-PEARS. 

The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) will launch the National Program Evaluation and Reporting System (N-PEARS) on May 22, 2023. N-PEARS is a result of a broad strategic initiative to improve SNAP-Ed data collection and reporting. N-PEARS represents updates to SNAP-Ed State plan and data collection requirements that support FNS’s vision of high-quality, accessible national program data and allows for an improved understanding of program effectiveness and accountability. 

N-PEARS provides all State and implementing agencies with a single, streamlined, web-based tool for submitting annual SNAP-Ed State plans and consolidated annual reports. N-PEARS replaces all current SNAP-Ed planning and annual reporting processes beginning with FY 2024 State plans and FY 2023 annual reports.

N-PEARS Memo May 2023 (PDF, 109 KB)

Brief background

As directed by the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“2018 Farm Bill”, Pub. L. 115-334, PDF, 1.4MB), FNS, with input from multiple stakeholders, worked to improve the SNAP-Ed data reporting process by providing States with a robust electronic, online reporting system. In June 2021, using funds authorized in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, FNS entered into a cooperative agreement with the Kansas State University Research Foundation (KSURF) to develop and maintain N-PEARS. N-PEARS is managed by FNS in conjunction with KSURF and their subcontractor Canopy, LLC, the N-PEARS system developer.  

PEARS Memo June 2021 (PDF, 182 KB)

Important notes

  • State and implementing agencies will have free access to N-PEARS to submit State plans and annual reports. 
  • N-PEARS replaces current SNAP-Ed State plan submission processes beginning with FY 2024 Plans. States must submit FY 2024 SNAP-Ed State plans through N-PEARS by August 15, 2023.
  • State and implementing agencies may continue to use their existing systems to track and manage data throughout the year prior to submission in N-PEARS. The SNAP-Ed Data Collection Template is an optional resource available to agencies to aid in data collection and tracking  that aligns with N-PEARS.
  • States should continue using existing processes for all other SNAP State Plans of Operation and data submission. 
  • FNS will offer live virtual support sessions, pre-recorded training videos, and other technical assistance opportunities for all users.

    • Pre-recorded videos in the system will provide a basic overview of N-PEARS.

    • Live virtual support sessions will be available soon after N-PEARS launch. The initial sessions will be for State agency users, with later sessions for all users. FNS will offer these live sessions at multiple times. 

    • Written materials, workflow visuals, and assistance by phone or email will be available to all users.

    • State and implementing agencies can request technical assistance appointments through FNS SNAP-Ed Regional Coordinators.

    • The Canopy Client Success Team will be the point of contact for system user support.

    • The N-PEARS Support page has more information for State agencies, implementing agencies, and SNAP-Ed Regional Coordinators.

  • N-PEARS will collect program data and annual report narratives. States must submit FY 2023 SNAP-Ed annual report through N-PEARS by January 31, 2024. Details on FY 2023 annual report submissions will be shared later.